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Making Concrete Pendant Lamps

Making concrete pendant lamps is a simple way to procure designer-style lighting without the associated cost, and QUIKRETE 5000 makes it easy.

Project Instructions

When working with cement-based products, always wear eye protection and waterproof gloves.

Step 1
Use scissors to cut the bottom of the soda bottle.

Step 2
Drill a hole in the cap of both bottles.  The hole should be just big enough to fit the metal tube.

Step 3
Connect the bottle caps using the tube and nuts on either side of each cap. 

Step 4
Screw the bottles into the caps, starting with the larger first.

Step 5
Use deck screws to stabilize the bottles. 

Step 6
Mix the concrete and fill the mold using a large spoon

Step 7
Vibrate the mold to release any air bubbles and make sure the concrete settles.

Step 8
Allow the concrete to cure for at least 20 hours, before removing the mold.

Step 9
Remove the bottles using a box cutter and the scissors.

Step 10
Sand down the edges of the lamp using 120 grit sandpaper.

Step 11
Cut the socket end of the wire and thread the cut end through the bolt hole. Strip the wires and twist them together. Cover the exposed metal with electrical tape or wire nuts and make sure the pendant is securely fastened.

Shopping List

  • QUIKRETE 5000
  • Socket
  • Switch
  • Cord
  • Large Spoon
  • 2-liter Soda Bottle
  • Thin Water Bottle
  • Threaded Tube and Nuts
  • 3 ½” Deck Screw
  • Scissors
  • Box Cutter or Knife
  • 18 Volt Cordless Drill with a 3/8” Diameter Standard Bit
  • 120 Grit Sandpaper
  • Wire Cutters
  • Waterproof Gloves
  • Safety Glasses