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Ad Builder

The QUIKRETE AD BUILDER provides all the tools needed to construct effective print and radio advertisements and signage featuring QUIKRETE products. The AD Builder link will give you access to a complete library of:

A Brand Usage Guide is also included that details the requirements and proper use of QUIKRETE brand logos and images.


QUIKRETE Training Modules provide a convenient and comprehensive method to train new and existing employees about QUIKRETE products and their applications.

Each module covers a specific topic and can be completed at the individuals own pace and schedule.

With the completion of each Module, your employee will gain valuable technical knowledge and sales training so that they can confidently select the right QUIKRETE product for your customer’s project and give them the advice they need.

Training Modules


Flip through the pages of the Total Program Profit Manual just like you are holding it in your hand. Navigation features allow you to enlarge, zoom-in, save and print product and program information. Organized by product category, the Total Program is a handy reference guide that makes product selection easy.

Total Program


The QUIKRETE UPC GUIDE contains UPC barcode images, organized by product and product category. The UPC Guide can be printed and used by cashiers to identify QUIKRETE products and scan product barcodes without lifting or shifting heavy bags and pails to locate the barcode.

UPC Guide


QUIKRETE has developed an extensive library of point-of-sale product information and project brochures that educate your customers about QUIKRETE products and provide project inspiration. To order any of the listed sales literature, contact your local QUIKRETE sales representative or Contact Us via email.

Sales Literature


QUIKRETE’s project oriented signage and point-of-sales merchandising feature full-color project and product photography and easy-to-use product reference information. QUIKRETE merchandising makes product selection easy and helps drive QUIKRETE product sales.