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Kelly Ramsey Building Historic Restoration

Originally opened in 1911 as office space and a department store, the Kelly Ramsey Building was a thriving commercial block in downtown Edmonton for nearly a century before arsons burned it down in 2009. In 2013, the building was demolished and replaced with Enbridge Centre, a 25-storey glass office tower complete with an architectural nod to its predecessor. It took Scorpio Masonry nearly three years to remove, clean and re-install the original brick with QUIKRETE® Mortar to recreate the Kelly Ramsey Building four-story façade on the base of the Enbridge Centre. The methodical historic preservation delivered a truly accurate result as all the re-installed bricks are within 60 centimeters of their original locations in the Kelly Ramsey Building façade.

QUIKRETE® Mortar is a high strength commercial grade dry pre-blended mixture of sand and cements specially selected for masonry applications. It meets N, S, M requirements as specified in ASTM C270 and pigments may be added to match any existing or new construction.

QUIKRETE® Core-Fill Grout is a properly proportioned mixture of Portland cement, graded sand, and other ingredients designed to provide a flowable grout requiring only the addition of water. It’s available in coarse or fine versions.

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Project Profile: Kelly Ramsey Building Historic Restoration

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Contractor: LEDCOR

Masonry Contractor: Scorpio Masonry