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NJDOT I-80 Bridge Deck Repair

Built in 1973 and recognized by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) as Christopher Columbus Highway, Interstate 80 runs nearly 80 miles across the state. Spanning five counties, Interstate 80 accommodates thousands of commuters each day, which creates a need for regular maintenance. Berto Construction used QUIKRETE® Rapid Road Repair – Extended and QUIKRETE® FastSet® DOT Mix – Extended to repair dozens of bridge decks with minimal disruption to traffic. Factory blended with 12" aggregate, both materials are ideal for full-depth repairs over 112" deep. The extended materials eliminate the labor cost and performance inconsitancy associated with adding aggregate on-site.

QUIKRETE® Rapid Road Repair – Extended is a fast-setting material specifically designed for use on bridge decks, concrete highways and other industrial structures. Made from specially-formulated fast setting cements, graded fine and coarse aggregates QUIKRETE® Rapid Road Repair - Extended provides a permanent repair. The material also contains alkali resistant (AR) glass fibers for improved performance essential for applications involving severe vibration such as bridge deck repairs. QUIKRETE® Rapid Road Repair - Extended, which reaches 2,000 PSI in 90 minutes and 6,000 PSI in 28 days.

QUIKRETE® FastSet DOT Mix – Extended is a rapid hardening, fiber reinforced material that is pre-extended with coarse aggregate making it ideal for use in applications from 1 12" to 48" thick. QUIKRETE® FastSet® DOT Mix is formulated to provide 20-30 minutes of working time, which is more than adequate for mixing and placement. The material exceeds 3,000 PSI compressive strength in an hour and half, 4,500 PSI in three hours and more than 10,000 PSI in 28 days.

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