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San Diego Court House Pedestrian Tunnel

How do you ensure rapid and secure pedestrian movement between a busy courthouse and the Central Jail in a congested urban corridor in San Diego? You go underground. That's exactly what Atkinson Construction of Vista, CA did by constructing a tunnel for the city.

A tunneling project always requires great skill and materials, and it's made even more complex when working in tight quarters. To create a greater challenge, the crown of the tunnel passes within 7 feet of the foundations of another existing jail facility that needed to remain in service throughout construction. Constructed using the Sequential Excavation Method (SEM), this tunnel travels under multiple busy streets and buildings. The finished tunnel runs about 328 feet and is approximately 26 feet in diameter.

The skill and knowledge of Atkinson Construction and QUIKRETE® Wet Process Coarse Fibered Shotcrete MS combined to deliver a challenging project and ensure pedestrian safety.

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Project Profile: San Diego Court House Pedestrian Tunnel

San Diego, CA

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