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FastSet® Stucco Patch

QUIKRETE<sup>®</sup> FastSet<sup>™</sup> Stucco Patch  (No. 1139-92)

QUIKRETE® FastSet® Stucco Patch (No. 1139-92) is a fast-setting, Portland cement-based stucco patching material formulated to provide water repellency, minimal shrinkage and improved durability. FastSet® Stucco Patch can be used for partial-depth and full-depth stucco repairs. FastSet® Stucco Patch has a working time of 20-30 minutes and can be painted after 90 minutes.

Available in:
20 lb. (9 kg) pails



Use for:

  • Repairing holes in stucco walls
  • Around replacement windows and doors
  • Interior and exterior applications


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