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Stucco & Mortar Color (Liquid)

QUIKRETE® Stucco & Mortar Color (Liquid) is a liquid coloring agent used to customize the color of your stucco or mortar project; adding a decorative touch. Add the liquid color to the mixing water and then mix colored water with dry mix. Available in Shell, Cream, Champagne, Ivory, Opal, Aspen, Sandstone, Wheat, Canyon, Palomino, Desert, Dune, Coral, Blush, Sage, Birch, Twilight, Charcoal, Pewter, and Mocha. All colors are formulated specifically for use with either a white base or gray base product.


Available in:
10 oz. bottles


Use With:

  • QUIKRETE® Finish Coat Stucco
  • QUIKRETE® One Coat Fiberglass Reinforced Stucco
  • QUIKRETE® Mason Mix
  • QUIKRETE® Heavy Duty Masonry Coating
  • QUIKRETE® Glass Block Mortar


Use For:

  • Permanent integral color


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